In Nagomi Spa, wisdom and Oriental tradition come together to restore our physical balance and free our body and mind from all kinds of stress


Nagomi Spa invites us to worship body and spirit, in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility that will allow you to stop time and enjoy unforgettable sensations. Peace, tranquility, harmony and relaxation will be the protagonists of your experience.

Immerse yourself in our WellnesCenter and enjoy the therapies that will awaken all your senses. Nagomi Spa has 13 treatment rooms, 3 hydrotherapy cabins, a physiotherapy center, a beauty salon and relaxation areas.

Our team of highly qualified professionals, who have been carefully selected to assist and advise, will take care of everything you need to put the well-being at your fingertips.

Your body and your mind will thank you. To pamper yourself is to think of you.

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